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How is the user quota included in the packages counted?

A user is a participant in a training session in Econume. So a user quota depends on the subscription license.


Is there a free econume offer?

When you create an Econume account, you have a free account with no time limit with only a limited version of the administrative management function. This version allows you to centralize and digitally monitor your training and generate the basic documents for managing your training (programs, agreements, certificates, on-the-spot assessments, attendance sheet and internal regulations).


Do I have to install the software on my computer?

No, the Econume software is fully hosted on the web, so you do not have to install or update your computer.


Is it possible to have a demonstration of the tool?

Sign up for our online software demonstrations, held twice a week on this page.


What is the duration of commitment to the modules?

The Econume subscription is billed monthly with no time commitment.


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Is my data protected?

All your data is transferred encrypted using a 128-bit protocol, which guarantees you maximum security during transfers between our platform and your computer.

All the data in your customer area (contact details, educational elements, content) are and remain your property.

On the other hand, under no circumstances do we pass your details on to a third party.



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