Econume engages with educational teams

Our digital solutions for education provide turnkey solutions to school administrators and teachers, from primary school to higher education. Our expertise covers all phases of digital transformation projects in schools.

The ambition of the bursars is to encourage, support and generalize the educational uses of digital technology in colleges, high schools, and universities.

Foster innovation and support the transformation of educational practices. It is about helping educational communities to engage in educational projects that rely on concrete digital contributions for student success.

Develop the uses of digital technology at school and around the school in order to make young people acquire the elements of culture essential for the citizens of tomorrow, and encourage a densification of digital uses conducive to educational success and the reduction of inequality

The corporate university

The corporate university enriches skills and development for employees throughout their career with varied and innovative devices. This is why a corporate university must be attractive to employees and sustainable for the organization by registering as a real professional support project. The Corporate University today responds to the problems of private and public organizations concerning employee loyalty and the transmission and harmonization of skills, but also the sharing of culture during mergers / acquisitions, or even the management of culture / business or multi-brand strategies
The objective is to carry out activities that promote individual and collective learning, and develop knowledge sharing within the company. Provide operational responses to missions such as strengthening the corporate culture at the time of a merger, support for change for rapid adaptation to competition, exchange and creation of knowledge between young people and experts, dissemination of good professional practices.
Some examples of strategic objectives to which corporate universities respond to :
• Generate and support change in the organization,
• Spread a common culture, a sense of belonging,
• Stay competitive in today's global economy,
• Build employee loyalty,
• Make the training investment profitable,
• Organize training,